Wow (wav 22kb)
Tara: Wow.
[Goodbye Iowa]

Cool Monster Fighter (wav 40kb)
Tara : Cool monster fighter.
[This Years Girl]

Sneaky Cat (wav 28kb)
Tara: Sneaky cat
[New Moon Rising]

Oh yes (wav 29kb)
Tara: Oh yes.
[New Moon Rising]

Safety + Fun (wav 77kb)
Tara: You should ride with me sometime. I guarantee safety and fun.
[Where the Wild Things Are]

Vixen (wav 30kb)
Tara: Vixen

Pineapple (wav 243kb)
Willow: There's Canis Minor. (wav points) Cassiopia.
Tara: (wav points) and the Big Pineapple.
[Listening to Fear]

Quirky (wav 35kb)
Tara: I said quirky.

Genuine (wav 63kb)
Tara: And she practically had "genuine molded plastic" stamped on her ass.
[I Was Made to Love You]

Spicy Talk (wav 55kb)
Tara: Just trying a little spicy talk.

Grr Argh (wav 139kb)
Tara: And a monster, sort of a Sunnydale souvenir we thought... grr argh!

My Girl (wav 62kb)
Tara: Nobody messes with my girl.

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