This is version two of Essential - Full of Grace, and uses textures from Daydreaming and brushes from Miss M Brushes.

Essential was made by Lily and is part of It's best viewed in a recent iframe capable browser, with 800x600 or more and millions of colours. I'm sticking to tables 'cos there's no accounting for people's taste in browsers.

The gorgeous screencaps at this site and in the gallery are from concrete's Willow + Tara caps collection, thanks as always.

Gallery credits: Salvation, ILB's IMG's, An Unforgettable Obsession, And You Thought You Were Obsessed with BtVS, Alyson Hannigan Corner and around the net. Please let me know if there's something that's yours that you would like taken down or is uncredited.

Wallpapers are by Angie, formerly of Photogenic.

There was once a beautiful Willow + Tara site called Essential at reckless-abandon. This site is not related to that one. I tried hard to resist re-using the name but it was just too perfect.

If you have anything Tara-ish that you'd like included here, send it to Lily. All contributions are welcome.

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