Tara: Well, I just wanna keep up with you and I'm...well, I just like to be useful you know, to the gang? I've just never been useful.
Willow: You are, you're essential...

Tara: I just keep thinking how cool it would be, if we got a real psychic to sit up here and read fortunes and stuff.
Willow: You should do it.
Tara: Not me. But, but I'd love to, to watch and learn. From someone who's really good, you know?
Willow: You're really good... (holds out her hands) I'll prove it. Here, do me. Tara nods and sits, putting down the cards, taking one of Willow's hands. Willow watches her study it.
Tara: Hmm.
Willow: What do you see?
Tara: Willow hand.
[Out of My Mind]

Tara: Yeah, you learn her source and we'll introduce her to her insect reflection... (you could hear a pin drop) That was funny if you've studied Taglarin mystic rites and... are a complete dork...
Riley: Then how come Xander didn't laugh?
Xander: I don't know that Taglarin stuff.

Tara: "Your one-stop spot to shop for all your occult needs". Catchy.
Giles: Think so?
Tara: Uh-huh. In a ... hard to read sort of way, but I think it's great.
Giles: Oh.

Willow: You know what's weird?
Tara: Japanese commercials are weird.
[Listening to Fear]

Tara: I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad, and it's depressing.
[I Was Made To Love You]

Giles: And you're certain she was a robot?
Buffy: Absolutely.
Tara: And she practically had "geniune molded plastic" stamped on her ass. Just trying a little spicy talk.
[I Was Made To Love You]

Willow: I had too much nog.
Tara: Oh, baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.
[The Body]

Xander: Buffy's gone insane.
Willow: What? What'd she do?
Xander: Brace yourself. You're not gonna believe it.
Tara: Everyone, before we jump all over her, people do strange things when someone they love dies. When I lost my mother, I did some pretty dumb stuff like lying to my family and staying out all night.
Anya: Buffy's boinking Spike.
Willow: Oh. Tara's right. Grief can be powerful, and we shouldn't judge...
Tara: What are you kidding? She's nuts!

Spike: Come on! I'm never gonna get anything killed with you lot holding me back!
Tara: (catching her breath) I thought ... the big ones tire more easily...
Spike: No, that's over-the-hill shopkeepers.
Giles: I'm fine. I just need to need to... die ... for a minute...
Spike: (to Tara) It was that powder you blew at him made him rabbit out.
Tara: It's Sobri root! It's supposed to confuse him but it kinda just made him peppy. It's not supposed to mix with anything -- do you think he might be taking prescription medication?
Spike: Yeah. That must be it.
Giles: (riffing) Good God. What if he attempts to operate heavy machinery?!

Tara: Nobody messes with my girl.
Xander: Tara, nice axing.
Tara: My first.
[Bargaining, Pt. 2]

Tara: Hey, Will, this is me. It doesn't all have to be good and fine. This is the room where you don't have to be brave. I still love you. If you're worried you can be worried.

Anya: How about you? Ever play Shiver me timbers?
Tara: I'm not really much for the timber.
[All the Way]

Tara: Oh my god. I'm cured! I want the boys!
[Once More With Feeling]

Tara: Can we just skip it? Can you just be kissing me now?

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