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to Essential, a small clique for lovers of Tara Maclay and Amber Benson's talented portrayal of her.

Tara joined Buffy the Vampire Slayer midway through Season 4 in the episode Hush and soon became Willow Rosenberg's girlfriend. They shared an interest in witchcraft and magic and at first their love was expressed though sub-texty spells and rituals. But by Season 5's Family their relationship was openly acknowledged and Tara was accepted into the Scooby Gang. Tara was shy yet powerful and brave. She was not only Willow's love but was a confidante to Buffy and a mother to Dawn. We'd only just begun to see how strong and confident Tara could be when she [was tragically killed by Warren] /[died of a tired Hollywood cliche] /[Buffy mysteriously ended] (yes, we accept all Tara realities here) in Season 6's Seeing Red.

Amber brought a beautiful character to life, if you ♥ Tara too go joinIMPORTANT: the join and members sections are down until I can do an update with spam protection.  I'll have them back up soon, in the meantime there's lots of stuff in the extras section. 

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: 12 April 2004